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Trouble’s on the Menu

A Tippy Canoe Romp with Recipes
Caleb Warnock and Betsy Schow

“I’ve never driven in snow,” Hallie said, unable to leave the silence alone. She had a bad habit of rambling when she felt uneasy. “On my way into town just now, I’m afraid I was involved in a fender bender with one of the locals.”
Now she had Barb’s full attention. “Who?”
The woman gasped.
In the two hours since arriving, Hallie had already dented her rental car, hit Andrea (the town sweetheart), and gotten herself kicked out of the late night diner.
Let’s see what kind of damage I can do tomorrow, she thought.

Hallie doesn’t belong in Barefoot, Montana. She’s a California girl used to sunshine and warmth—not snow and cold. But after the unexpected death of her estranged husband, she braves the winter weather to wrap up some of his estate details, only to discover that she doesn’t fit in and none of the townspeople like her.

That is, except for the town’s handsome mayor, who takes quite an interest in Hallie.

But when his life starts to spiral out of control, Hallie must decide if he’s worth sticking around for. Join Hallie in this fast-paced, hilarious romance as she learns that sometimes love is the only remedy for a broken heart.

Product Details
Title:Trouble’s On the Menu: A Tippy Canoe Romp With Recipes
Author: Caleb Warnock & Betsy Schow
Format: Paperback
Page Count: 240
Dimensions: 6 x 9
ISBN: 9781462110933
Vendor: Cedar Fort, Inc.
Imprint: Sweetwater
Release Date: 2013-04-09
Price: $15.99

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